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>> there's no chance republicans beat him. none. >> sean: we have a $5,000 bet you are right for charity. thanks for being with us.gggggg. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: fox news alert. the president and speaker of the house taking to the airwaves were' in trouble. we hit the debt ceiling that means no more money august 2nd, unless something happens fast. we could face default that could be catastrophic. >> the president: a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different approach. a cuts-only approach. >> it is called the cut, cap and balance act. it cuts and caps government spending and paves the way for a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> the president: that's not right. it is not fair. >> before we pass the bill if the house the president said he would veto it. >> the president: many republicans in the house refuse this kind of balanced approach. we are left with a stalemate.
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>> there is no stalemate here. we are going to pass another bill. if the president signs it, the crisis atmosphere that he has created will disappear. >> the president: this is no way to run the greatest country on earth. >> greta: we have a jam-packed two hours. coming up senator jon kyl, david plouffe, senator coburn, senator barrasso, rick klein, sam youngman and more. first, south dakota senator john thune. >> as we are list anyone to the two speeches do you think we are at all close? >> what was striking about the president's speech is what he didn't say. he didn't say i will veto a short term extension of the debt limit that was significant. other parts of the speech were you would expect. everybody is trying to win the
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message war. right now we need to get something done. the president needs to provide leadership. i hope that he will. i hope he will step up many if congress can move something through this week, he will agree to sign it. >> greta: two plans, speaker boehner's and senator reid's. speaker boehner said this week while the senate is struggling to pass a bill filled with phony accounting and washington gimmicks, he talks about his speech that doesn't sound that the republicans in the house of representatives are the least bit interested in the senate -- reid's bill. >> the key is what republicans are interested this is real spending reduction. real spending reforms, entitlement reform. those are all things missing from senator reid's approach. senator reid has come up with what he says 2.7 trillion in saving, much is, as speaker boehner pointed out gimmicks, not real. i don't think that the republicans in the house or senate are going to be for something they don't view to be real, sincere effort of
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trying to get spending and debt under control. >> greta: how can we are remotely near close. o'-- the two sighs are so far apart and it is -- the the two sides are so far apart it is extraordinary to think anything can be worked out. >> i think the democrats would have to swallow to vote for the bane area approach, a process by which you might get a result on entitlement reform. we all agree unless you do something about entitlements you can solve this budget mess. >> greta: and a budget amendment. >> a vote on a balanced budget amendment. which puts the cut, cap and balance proposal into effect in increments as opposed to one time. i think senator reid and the democrats would be well served to join us in acknowledging that you can't solve this budget problem unless you do something about social security, medicare, medicaid and what we call mandatory ing
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in the budget. that's what the boehner approach does that is what is missing from the reid approach. -- >> greta: if senator reid were here he would say it be hoof you to join him. those are not -- those are insignificant matters like entitlement differences. budget cap, budget amendment that's not an insignificant difference ear. these are not like small problems -- difference either. these are not -- this is ideology. >> i think what you have to agree, the democrats would agree to this too. you can really solve these structural budget problems we have. we'll be back doing this again next year if we do senator reid as approach. because most of the savings are phony. until you tackle those entitlement programs. speaker boehner has put a proposal that would get you to a result.
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having said that i do believe that we could get there, at least i see a pathway there, if the president is agreeable to signing something short term and not worrying about the politics of the next election instead focusing on the economy. which everybody says we have to focus on the economy, if we don't fix this. we can fix it. i think it is going to require a willingness to accept a short term solution followed by a process that can get to a result that would include entitlement reform. >> greta: what do the american people think about this? >> i think it is terribly frustrate if you talk to people. they want to see you work together, get in done. put the country first, but -- put the economy first that's what we need to be doing. we have this deadline looming. everybody agrees it would be a big mistake if we got to next tuesday and hadn't fixed this. in the best interests of the country, the american people we need to come together. it is going to require, in my
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view, a exitment on the part of democrats who -- a commitment on the part of democrats who so far have been unwilling to take on long term issues. >> greta: do you know of any democrat who said let's take on entitlements? >> i think most don't want to have that vote. >> greta: if you think entitlements a necessity, a strong structural change and the republicans say absolutely no, we are not going to vote for structural change that does put it at an impossible position, impasse. >> i think what this does, i don't like this honestly, we haven't passed a budget in 800 days. i think the american people look at this and say this is dysfunctional, broken. which is why we are talking this special commit think that would sit down. >> greta: we had the bowles simpson committee. the american people think fine, but you didn't pay attention to the last one.
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>> this would have an up and down vote on recommendations and tackle this issue of entitlement reform. i think it is something we need to get done. it has to include that process or it going to be difficult to get republicans onboard. having said that, in april the president wanted a clean debt limit vote. he has come a long way. i think that's because republicans have driven him there to address the real problem which is the debt. >> greta: senator thank you. david plouffe joins us. why did the president want to speak to the american people tonight? >> first of all, eight days from now, if congress doesn't act the nation would default for the first time that would cause huge economic catastrophy. so i think it is important to let the country know we are getting close to that. most importantly, we are at a moment in washington where both parties seem to be committed to deficit reduction. a lot agree on the scale of it. we are just having a
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disagreement about the composition to get through the crisis at the moment going to require compromise. that's what we need to see in the next few days so we can avoid default and do significant deficit reduction. your previous guest was talking entitlement reform. reid and boehner plans have the same committee that would produce poe -- potentially some suggestions that committee could deadlock. it is why the president was working with the speaker of the house and willing to do a lot of tough things that people in our party had a tough time swallowing. he believes it can be the easy fix. you have to do tax reform and entitlement reform. even though we are not going to get that done in the short term the president is committed to making sure we get a balanced plan for the american i'm. -- american people. >> greta: in the last seven, eight days it seems to have gotten so hostile? i know people leaving and it
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is exchanging of insults. the president gets up and theres in that corporate jet remark. i researched that, i was february '09 stimulus bill the democrats supported as well as 1988 during the first bush presidency the nastiness keeps getting thrown around on both sides. >> the tax break was not part of the stimulus package. there was hope the speaker and president and like-minded people could work on a big package call the grand bargain. when that broke down last week, obviously the temperature is going to get a little hotter. that's why i think the president made an important point. we need to compromise there. were reports tonight the president asked the american people to call congress and let them know if you wanted a balanced approach with compromise. capitol hill is getting deluged with calls from the american people who are frustrated who want their leaders to compromise, lower
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their voices and try and find common ground. any fair observer would say the president has tried to do that. that's what he is going to try to do in the days and months ahead. >> greta: how do you compromise on ideology? the parties have different views on how to handle this. it is the size of government and very different ideologys on how to solve this. how do you compromise -- how do you compromise that? >> both parties have agreed. not every member of every party, but a lot have agreed to about a sense of the amount of domestic spending we can cut. the president and speaker were close in terms of what kind of entitle, good news. the big unresolved issue is revenue. pretty much any neutral observer says the only way to get significant debt reduction is through tax reform to make sure the wealthiest americans through elimination of
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deductions and loopholes participate. in the short term in the next book we are not going to do entitlement or tax reform. the question is, either of them would reduce spending significantly. good down payment on the deficit. are we going to have this debt ceiling hanging over us five, six months from now? >> greta: let me ask you about the tax code reform. the simpson-bowles commission said 3300 tax hoop locals, earmarks in the tax code -- loopholes earmarks in the tax code. it didn't get passed over to congress. the president could have adopted that. why didn't the president seize upon that and said let's get rid of those 3300? ' adopted a lot of simpson-bowles commission in the budget framework he laid out in the spring. a lot of the negotiations that took place with the speaker. the president and speaker were agreeing on lowering rates. simplicity.
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speaker agreed to an 800 billion dollar revenue number, through tax reform. we were making a lot of progress. at the end of the day, five, six months from now, hopefully our leaders can report to the american people we finished the job and we had done both entitlement and tax reform. that's the only way we reduce the budget in a balanced way. i think the president has shown he's willing to do deep domestic spending cuts, tackle entitlement reform in a serious way. we need revenues through closing loopholes. if we do that, we will put this country on a er fiscal path. >> greta: david, thank you. the three debt plans, gang of six, speaker boehner and harry reid. each plan is different, y to fight about. president obama wants a long term deal through 2013. his critics say because he's worried about getting reelected and doesn't want the issue in 2012. he says it is because it is
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the right thing to do and we need to put the economic anxiety behind us. we spoke with republican arizona senator jon kyl. nice to see you. >> thanks greta. >> greta: big crisis this whole debt ceiling. let me take you back to february '09 and the stimulus bill. if the stimulus bill had been more effective in revving up the economy, i take it we would have more revenue and we would be not quite in this crisis or it would be a different crisis. >> this is a different kind of recession. not one in which consumer demand is driving recovery that's why the bush stimulus didn't work. the obama stimulus didn't work. when you take a trillion dollars and basically give it to people to spend and it doesn't move the numbers in fact now, we are at a 2% of growth -- under 2% of growth of gdp last quarter of '09 we
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were at almost 6%. we've gone downhill. the stimulus did not help. all it did was add to our debt. >> greta: we are all focusing on this problem. once we get through this crisis we have to think down the road. are we on the right track in terms of revving up our economy so we have more revenue because people are employed. should we be incredibly focused on that? >> yes. the point you just made is so important. economic growth will go a long way toward getting us out of the problem we are in. not just families and businesses and jobs. i'm talking the federal government needing to somehow get in debt paid off. you do that by growing the economy, so people do more what? they pay more federal income tax. we the president says we have a revenue problem, it is not because our tax rates are too low. they've been the same for a decade. we are in an economic down
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turn so people are unemployed, they are not working as much, they are not making as much money that's why the tax take is not as big as it was at one point. with the same tax rates we have, we can get back to the average 20% of gdp and tax collections if we had the kind of economic growth you are talking about. how do you get there? >> greta: how do you get there that's the big picture? how do we get there so we don't have this discussion a year or six months from now, as much. >> almost everybody recognizes you don't get there. you have a sick economy the last thing you want to do is raise taxes way did president obama say in august of 2009? you don't raise taxes in the middle of a recession that was when we had 6% growth. we are under 2% now. what you don't know is pile more taxes on. what you do is give businesses and families a longer term prospect for growth. in other words, not temporary fixes. we'll give you a tax holiday,
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next year your taxes go up again if you are an employer you don't hire based on you provide certainty in terms of tax policy and regulatory policy. by the way, pass trade agreements so we can sell more abroad that takes time but the economy will recover if we do those things. >> greta: now senator harry reid has now a proposal. speaker boehner has a proposal. and the president is -- apparently he likes senator reid's proposal. are we going to get either one? >> we'll foe by next saturday. i hope the two sides don't dig themselves in so solidly that you continue to have this republican-democrat confrontation. sometime within the next eight days or social we'll have to have republicans and democrats get together on something. >> greta: it seems a lot of this is ideology. so the democrats any if they give up on raising tabs they are unprincipled or backing
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off. and the republicans think if taxes go up they in some ways unprincipled. that's the problem. it is -- when it is ideology that divides them, how do you get them to compromise or come together? >> i've been in a lot of negotiations. frequently the way to a result is to say we can do as much as everybody would like. let's see if we can do this one bite at a time. we can agree on a. okay let's take that bite now chew it and swallow, digest it. and then the next bite and the next bite. pretty soon you are bought into reaching a total result. you make the compromises at the end that are the most difficult. what we need to do is do this in two stages. >> greta: he hates that, he says no to that. >> he says no, why? because if he allows that to happen this will come up again in the middle of his election campaign. >> greta: it will come up in the republican campaign too. jeer fine with that. we the american people are focused on saving money --
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that -- that's why the president doesn't want that. the most important thing to president obama is get this beyond the next election. >> greta: that's a harsh criticism. >> i'm saying the most important thing to president obama is getting this debt ceiling discussion moved beyond his campaign for reelection. growth that's selfish and personal. >> it is political on his part what i'm saying is, if you want a bipartisan agreement let's start with the things we can agree on. they don't take us all the way through the end of 2012. they can take us partway there. if we have a process whereby we are committed to have a result we have to vote on to deal with the second half of the problem, i think we can accomplish a result. we can't agree on the big picture. that we know for sure. let's do it one bite at a time that means this case, a short term extension. which by the way, we've done 38 short term extensions.
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>> greta: i wouldn't be bragging about that. >> i'm saying since 1972. >> greta: still i wouldn't brag. we haven't done our finances well as an nation. >> rather than face default while we are not quite in an gramm. let's extent the debt ceiling. so we are not in default. that's what republicans are saying if it takes a shorter term extension to an individual that catastrophic result let's do it. i'm asking the president, why would you risk that catastrophic result you have been lecturing us because your magic date is after the next election? there is no magic. we can do this for six months, six years, two years what is magic about 16 months? that gets it beyond the election. >> greta: much more with senator jon kyl in our next hour so stick around to hear the rest of that interview. >> straight ahead you would expect senator jim demint to say no to harry reid's plan that is only the beginning. he's also saying now to
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speaker boehner's plan. how much political muscle does he have in this fight? he's next. if the nation hits that debt ceiling was to you? what about your stock investments,@@
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>> greta: senator demint blasts senator reid and speaker boehner. he says neither takes the debt crisis seriously. he joins us on the phone. good evening sir. after listening to the president and the speaker, although i can probably guess the answer. have you changed your mind on anything? >> it is hard to listen to the president because he's been disingenuous through this whole process. the whole idea of these biden working groups was to burn the clock up and create a crisis. needs a crisis to blame republicans for the economy that he has made much, much worse. i think i'm speaking for millions of americans when i say i'm sick and tired of a few people going behind closed doors and coming up with some grand bargain that expands our debt with some kind of commission that is supposed to solve our problems in the future. frankly, they think the media
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is lazy and the people are stupid. reid's plan is only a decoy, design towed drive people toward boehner's plan which is the same thing. -- they all leave us with an increase in our debt of seven or eight trillion over theññtñ next 10 years. there's never a balanced budget or and to get to it. this is all designed as a political solution that gives everybody some cover. the only real common sense solution if you are in debt spending more than you are bringing this is to start the process to move towards a balanced budget. that's what i'm going to continue to insist on. these are just -- they are painting over the problem and not solving i. frankly, i'm disgusting that -- solving it. frankly, i'm disgusting that we cannot have a public debate about the issues and have people put their positions on the table in public.
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i know i'm speaking for a lot of people saying i'm very frustrated. >> greta: there was no debate in the senate the other day on cut, cap and balance.p tell me if i'm wrong the reason why you are so add man about the balanced budget amendment -- adamant about the balanced budget amendment is because the way washington works whatever is '4r"ed today unless there is some strong lid on it, six, four, eight years down the road everything that is decided today can be upended and changed. term lid on how we do things the structural part of spending in this country? >> greta we've had dozens of commissions. when i was elected to the house in 1998, we were five trillion in debt. every year we get this situation with the debt sealing many we are going to -- debt ceiling, we are going to fix things. we've tripled the debt.
1:27 am
we are on track to dub it again. these solutions proposed by boehner or reid are not going to satisfy the credit rating. we are going to lose our aaa rating. we are going to pay higher interest rates. it is going to cost our country trillions. we are kicking the can down the road. it really is not a solution here. the only solution is to stop spending more than we're bringing in. that's not what we're doing with these supposed deals. >> greta: do you have enough -- i'll use the word tea party for the caucus what you are part of in the senate, do you have enough tea party muscle in the senate? is there enough tea party muscle in the house, so you can have an impact on whether the reid, boehner, obama if they could work something out whether you can derail it or not? >> i don't know. it depends more on the people listening to you tonight than those of us inside. if our phones don't ring.
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if our e-mails don't blow up as far as the people who are disgusted with the process, this will pass easily and we will sail towards -- i'm not worried as much about a default as about a national bankruptcy. that is what is going to happen in the next year or two if we go through another debt limit and just continue to try to borrow money. it depends on americans right now. if they are asleep. if they are not paying attention this is going to pass. and i'm afraid we are going to lose so much of what we fought for this is not another time where we can kick the can down the road and expect no problems. i think we are at the point where we can't borrow any more money as a country without serious repercussions. i'm afraid there's no soft landing for america. we are that center pole of the world's economic system we are getting ready to stumble many if people don't lend us money tomorrow we can't pay our bills. we are borrowing 43 cents out
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of every dollar we . we are complete slaves to our creditors. that includes china and some other countries that don't necessarily wish us the best. >> greta: thank you sir. >> thank you greta. >> greta: brace your service, we could be defaulting come august 2nd. it will be the first time in american history. many warn this could be catastrophic. what should you be doing? peter barns will be here to tell you. you just heard from senator demint some say the tea party is to blame is that true or should the tea party get credit. what about the politics? what about the politics? the inside look at the also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough?
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>> greta: what if the nation hits the debt ceiling august 2nd? should you be doing something to protect yourself and your family? peter barnes for fox business joins us. good evening. before we get to what people should be doing. i got sent to me, this always bothers me no sooner we are talking important things one of the parties begins soliciting money tonight steven israel asking for money based on this. it is so tacky. i guess both parties do it. any way. what should the people at home be doing about in august 2nd thing, anything? >> it depends on where you sit. if you are a borrower and you think we might have a default
1:34 am
or get a credit rating downgrade and interest rates are going up you might want to lock on to a mortgage to get the lowest rate if you are a safer and you go cash on the side, you might want to wait to put that into a cd. if we have this crisis, interest rates are going up for savers. they are going to get more on savings if you are in the stock market if i knew the answer to that i would be doing this live shot from my villa in st. barts. but most of the analysts i'm hearing are saying one of the things holding the markets back from going higher is the fact that there is no resolution to this. some of them are anticipating that once this is resolved, you can see equities move higher that is not investment advice. i just want to say that. >> greta: the last week i've been reading about s&p and moody's talking about devaluing, changing the rate.
1:35 am
they've been up on capitol hill. these are the same people who gave such high rating to those toxic cdo's that buried us un. what in the world are we doing listening to them. why do we let them on capitol hill to give advice and information to our politicians? >> well, because whether you like it or not there's a lot of investment advisers who have to, under their by laws in some -- bylaws in some in their state have to listen and get ratings from these agencies. >> greta: they've been so off the mark. they are a huge part of our problems. that's who the members of congress are listening to. those are the ones who are threatening us and our economy in the world market. >> yeah. there's a lot of effort underway in washington since
1:36 am
the financial crisis since they screwed up and gave these great aaa ratings to subprime global economyb&÷ there's been a lot of movement trying to restrict them to limit their power and ability. to try to get advisers and others to do their own research and not rely so much on the credit rating agencies. >> greta: don't you see the >> i see the irony. >> greta: they got us in there with their lousy advice. they told everybody these are great investments itch >> irony is not lost on me -- nor is it lost on your viewers nor you. they have this role. they are the official score keepers of how countries -- i know you don't like it. they are the ones to give advice -- [ talking over each other ] >> greta: peter it is absurd. >> greta, there are a lot of folks who feel as you do.
1:37 am
but they are the experts. they supposedly have seen the errors of their ways and they are doing better. how is that for an answer? >> greta: i hope you come up with a better one. i know you are joining me onset. >> there's a hearing wednesday on credit raters. you will see them back in the news wednesday. >> greta: i could hardly wait many see new a little while. >> there's a great divide in the republican party what about democrats? do house democrats support senator 's plan? >> what about the politics? how much does politics play into this? rick klein will be joining us. vw
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paid online. now back to greta. >> greta: where do house democrats stand? what about speaker boehner's
1:43 am
new plan. good evening sir. >> how are you? >> greta: well. would you vote for any bill that has any entitlement cut was ? >> i would. i think there's a way we can reduce what we spend in medicare without cutting within fit -- benefits for people. for example, we don't negotiate the prices of prescription drugs on medicare the way the va does that. would save 3 -- 300 billion dollars over 10 years. i can vote for that. >> greta: why don't we negotiate and save 300 billion dollars? whose idea was it not to do that? >> whose idea do you think it was? that the drug companies when medicare part d law got written were concerned about negotiating prices. they had the republicans at the time, write in a provision
1:44 am
that said you are not allowed to negotiate the prices. so the people who benefit from the program by selling the drugs are making the deal on this. it is a horrible idea. we should change that >> greta: 300 billion dollars. any other cuts to the entitlement programs that you would -- you could go along with? >> i could take a look at fighting food stamp fraud. i think there's situations where people are getting food stamps who shouldn't. i think there's unemployment fraud. people who are not legitimately looking for work are collecting benefits. we could look at medicaid where there are circumstances where nursing hopes are overcharging for some services. anybody who says we shouldn't look at any area of the budget, i don't think is taking this problem seriously. >> greta: the gao, i spoke to senator coburn about this. i got it on my desk it is 1200 pages it goes through billions of dollars of things like you are suggesting.
1:45 am
i think why does it take a crisis like now -- the report has been ignored since march. no one is doing anything. i'm sure the american people are horrify. the president asked us to make calls, he has asked republicans and democrats to call their members. what do we do to get you to go after the waste and fraud? >> to senator coburn's credit, he's one of the senate republicans who said if we did things like this on the entitlement programs he would support raising revenue by closing tax loopholes for ethanol subsidies and oil company subsidies. i have a prediction. i think speaker boehner's bill is going to collapse. because the tea party republicans don't want it. and we democrats don't like it because it does affect social security and medicare benefits watch the speaker is going to do is go back to the take for this so-called grand bargain for four trillion dollars
1:46 am
worth of deficit cuts. and the ideas that senators coburn and alexander and chambliss have with senators durbin and warner and some other democrats seem like good ones and can lead us to a larger deficit cut. >> greta: here's my prediction. here's what bug the american people i think if i can be so bold as to speak for them. when they hear about in fraud that you guys don't go after that it just sits there. if they -- they want to figure out how to put a lid on you. this is why people support a balanced budget amendment. they don't trust you. whatever you pass now, you are going to change, two, three years from now you don't have much credit built up in that department. [ talking over each other ] >> the best way to build up is to get something done. the balanced budget amendment -- >> greta: but you haven't. your history, republicans and democrats, your history is bad going into this.
1:47 am
>> let's change history and work to the for a change. balanced budget amendment is a nice-sounding hallmark card. the problem is what it says is let's up a process where somebody else, some day down the road is going to reduce the deficit by spending less why don't we spend less now? why don't we plug tax loopholes now? to senator coburn's credit and senator durbin and the others came up with a way to do that. >> greta: here's an example, you say why don't we do this about loopholes. last november bowles-simpson commission came up with an idea to get rid of 3300 loopholes, earmarks, nobody did anything. >> that's not true. >> greta: the 's not true. >> proposal of the six s most of that -- >> greta: i'm saying for six or eight months nobody was saying let's adopt i. >> i don't know that -- i
1:48 am
don't think that is true. -- >> greta: they took the vet and it got dismissed. there's -- took the vote and it got dismissed. >> i'm saying let's not dismiss it. let's get four trillion in deficit cuts by doing some statesmanship here. by put ago sigh the back and forth you've heard tonight and get -- by putting aside the back and forth you've heard tonight and get things done. >> greta: it may be too late for people to have statesmanship. they want controls on congress. i think that's the problem. you've had so many wasted opportunities there isn't a lot of trust. >> people can debate the politics. what i know is a week from tomorrow the country can borrow to pay its bills. it risks jobs, home equity it risks 401(k) accounts. rather than have another set of dueling speeches tomorrow,
1:49 am
let's put something on the floor that both party pass and pass it. >> greta: thank you sir. >> straight ahead, how powerful is the tea party? enough to get their way? what about the far left? does it have political muscle in the democratic party? rick klein is here.
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>> greta: why are we in this mess? the cynic will say because our politicians don't do their jobs there. is a practical problem. each party does have internal competing interests factions fighting against other factions many tea partiers were picketing speaker bane's ohio office while was blasting senator reid's plan. each -- joining us is rick klein. we do have -- they do have internal problems done they? >> they do the -- even if they were able to reach the grand bargain that now seeps impossible it is not clear they would be able to sell it to their members because of these internal divisions.
1:54 am
>> greta: it is interesting. there are tea party members in the house and senate, whereas the far left are more outside and they are e-mailing and they've got campaigns, they are not inside as much. >> there are some of them too. keep in mind, in the senate, harry reid would not get all the democrats onboard for his. in the house, there's a chance that there's a deal that is cut that president obama gets behind that a good number even most of the house democrats don't get behind many we could see strange bipartisan votes over these next days. i think you still got two sides speaking past each other. tonight you saw another example. >> greta: president obama has proposed a short term solution. his critics say it is totally political. let's assume it is totally political let's not give him the been fit of doubt on this. how does that hurt him?
1:55 am
doesn't it hurt the republicans too? >> idea that he would veto something that was short term -- >> greta: suppose in january they are fighting about in again, doesn't that also hurt the republicans? >> that's right many there's an argument that a big deal is easier than a small deal many if you you are going to be in for a dime, be in for the dollar. take the tough medicine at once. i think the republicans generally would rather see the president have to come back to congress and ask for money again, rather than to swallow some -- some things that would have to be part of the grand bargain. >> greta: don't get up. we are going live for another hour this is so important and we have so much more. we have senator coburn, more with senator jon kyl, senator barrasso and so much more. stay with us, we'll be back for another live hour. vytçf<
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